Hy-Brasil Music Club in Bristol - Our Story

Ecletic and discerning music venue for those that know

And what would Hy-Brasil be, one might ask? 

Quite simply, an island of wizards and giant, magical rabbits 
Legend has it that this mysterious island rests off the west coast of Ireland, shrouded in mist, unseen by mortal eyes- except on a very few rare occasions, every seven years, when it magically reveals itself. But is it real? And if so, will it ever be found again?

Perhaps the most outlandish account of Hy-Brasil is that of Captain John Nisbet. In 1674 he claimed to have come upon a mysterious island while traveling from France to Ireland. He and his shipmates entered into a deep fog, and their ship landed in the shallow waters of Hy-Brasil. As they disembarked, they found it to be the home of large black rabbits and a wise, grizzled magician, who invited them into his castle home, and proceeded to explain that he had actually cast a spell on the Island, to prevent it from being seen by ordinary eyes. But somehow, the spell had been broken. He gifted them with gold and silver and sent them on their way. 

Located in Bristol, and with this magnificent story behind its name, Hy-Brasil Music club is the place to be, whether you’re after great food, specialty drinks, cheeky cocktails, fantastic music- with live renowned DJs and events happening every week.  

At Hy-Brasil, we keep the magic alive, for all eyes to see!

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